• Grant


Sign of the Cross: Overdubbed a raindrop piano drone on the off-beat (grew into dyads). Super rough drum and cymbal runthrough. Beatboxing. Ordered drum rod online. The groove element grows... Haden Laas' hymns were always supposed to be my version 100 years later of his compositions, but I got attached to a dusty, old-timey aesthetic for Early Hymns. Now I'll let it simply sound good, even if that means a fuzzy electronic bass line or beatboxing.

Re-recorded the nylon guitar. It had just been in the verses, now fleshed out to carry throughout the piece. I am firmly against airlifting in parts willy-nilly (e.g. overdubbing piano in the bridge only because one was too lazy to arrange a piano part that's integrated into the entire song). The guitar now reflects this. Will have an organ/harmonium fabric and piano as well (buried enough that I can get away with keyboard piano... breaking my own rule about piano out of necessity these days)... once I get those dropped in, I sense I'll start deleting notes... will need to feel spacious first in order to achieve the desired haze.



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