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Started Sign of the Cross demo. Went into handheld recorder to find the a capella idea for pre-chorus and chorus that I had recorded when song initially came. I knew they were there, but had only done the lick and the verses when playing it on guitar over the last couple of weeks. As a capella ideas are, they're a little hazy so noodled to at least lock in a workable version of pre-chorus and chorus. Should pre-chorus arpeggios be as concise as possible (my default) or should it wander and misdirect? Should song be dynamic and sprawling or eerie and private?

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New uptempo demo of Lighthead Anthem, performed like a sparse, beatboxed Michael Jackson song.


Wrote a song called Lighthead Anthem. Dipping a toe then leaping in In our clothes, heavenly Taking the wheel for a spin Heavenly, they can see First of all You're my friend Sleeping bag Cave den I'm



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