• Grant


Feeling out the response to As a Bride Adorned, I've decided to switch up the releases and go for a purely joyful and upbeat hymn for no. 15: Limitless Benevolence. Sketched out a ton, adding layers uncritically to my skeletal demo... kick, snare, cymbals, shaker, two kinds of sleighbells, harmonies, Deerhoof-esque atonal guitar bursts... Ordered felt-tip mallets -- I suck at kick drum and want to see if I can just perform it with my hands.

Wrote to G. and L. at The Convento de Mertola, where I wrote Bride and in fact recorded the base acoustic guitar take and 2 of the harmony layers in chorus 1, utilizing their amazing cathedral natural reverb. Shared the song and thanked them.



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