• Grant


Remixed and recorded new vocals for Boat Rebellion. I wrote 8 albums in high school, all songs I left behind when I went off to college. But it is an interesting sequence, and I want to record them all when I have the time. I recorded At Peace At Last right after the Empty Mirror ended in 2010, and I did Boat Rebellion in 2 months just before leaving NYC in 2015. I think I rushed it a bit, and want to retool it before putting it back up on Spotify. Will probably add two odd little through-composed songs I forgot about the first time around: Ultramarine and Singular Event.

Part of me wants to commit to releasing 1 Haden Laas hymn per month, as I did for the first batch. But I won't; the finish line is in fight and I'd like these to be completed, polished recordings. No release schedule promised, but I will promise to commit to process -- hence this journal.



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