• Grant


Updated: Dec 8, 2018

Recorded 2nd layer of kick drums for As a Bride Adored. Recorded 2nd lead guitar part. It has that overdriven, amp cranked up but performed very softly feel you get in the Pumpkins' To Forgive. You assume it will explode because it sounds like the verse of a song on In Utero but it doesn't.

Uploaded video for The Mere. There were animation and scrolling word ideas attempted but in the end, better to just get it out there and more on. Let it be simply what it is, sans vanity. Let it be mediocre, even, per the theme.

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New uptempo demo of Lighthead Anthem, performed like a sparse, beatboxed Michael Jackson song.


Wrote a song called Lighthead Anthem. Dipping a toe then leaping in In our clothes, heavenly Taking the wheel for a spin Heavenly, they can see First of all You're my friend Sleeping bag Cave den I'm



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