• Grant


Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Recorded demo of Bobby Pins Song. Nylon guitar, vocals, percussion layers. Big harmonies on the mocking "loser" line.

Updated website. Uploaded latest extremely rough mixes of Order, Bobby Pins and Soil to Google Drive, so I can listen to the mixes during the workday and make arrangement notes. Has been my process in the past. This time, my approach is to demo, demo and demo... at some point, one of the demos will "take" and will grow into the released version of the song. This should help keep the arrangement choices a bit looser and more left-field, as fits the record. Not "perfectly sculpted" like The Mere. Speaking of which, three more reviews came in:

Music Existence, by Michael Stover

Vents Magazine, by Betthany Page

The Indie Source, by Anne Hollister



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