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Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Reviews are coming in for The Mere. Gratifying. The album was in development for ten years and I always thought of it as an uninviting, idiosyncratic non-hit.

"Sculpted to perfection, Empty Mirror create a timeless sense of grandeur on the patient and persistent journey of The Mere." -Skope Magazine

"In honor of the tenth anniversary of ‘Overwhelm’s distribution, Huling diligently worked to finish the production on the band’s intimate nine-track sophomore effort. The group’s follow-up record was finally released last fall, and proved to be just as stunning, influential and progressive as their debut. Despite the decade-long delay in distribution that occurred in part because of the diminished working collaboration between the musicians, the former band’s frontman powerfully overcame their differences to create an epic, enthralling and captivating album." -Shock Ya!

"...They bend the senses and fill a void in abstract thought, the tracks defy explanation yet demand contemplation." -Indie Pulse Music

"The Mere is fascinating because of its tones of didactic reflection and complicated yet simple sound, like walking through a dream enveloped in a snowstorm."

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